Project Workplan and Deliverables

The workplan is divided into 9 workpackages and tasks as follows:

The project is divided into three yearly phases, at the end of which there will be Milestone meetings (A, B, C) to receive the deliverables of the relevant Workpackages (WPs), from which a report will be drawn up and submitted to the commission, together with the specified deliverables. The project starts with an initial design workshop.

Crucial to achieving our objectives is close interaction between schools and teachers, and developers of the playgrounds. To this end, we have already secured the agreement in principle of a number of schools to join the project. All these schools are known to the University partners in UK, Sweden and Portugal, and good working relationships are already established. In UK, we have secured the agerement of a Local Education Authority to support the project in terms of school access, staff availability and general IT support. One person (not funded by ESPRIT) has been allocated to support the project. The following schools (See Table 1) have agreed to participate: final choices will be made in terms of core and outer sites for our research, after contracts have been signed.

St. Phillips Primary
Morley Memorial
Romsey Junior
Histon and Impington Junior
Queen Edith Primary
St. Matthews Primary
Park St Primary
Kings Hedges

Netley School

Lidingö Resursskola
Broskolan, Bro
Lilljöskolan, Kungsängen
Råbyskolan, Bro

Private schools:
Colégio Valsassina - Lisboa (1500 pupils)
Colégio Nossa Senhora do Rosário - Porto (1100 pupils)
Official shools:
Escola EB 1 n° 2 da Lousã -Coimbra (+ / - 150 pupils)
Escola EB 1 n° 16 de Coimbra -Coimbra (+ / - 150 pupils)
Non formal schools:
ABC da Tartaruga - Coimbra
Sábados Diferentes - CIAP - ESE
de Paula Frassinetti - Porto

Table 1: Preliminary list of schools agreeing to participate in research and evaluation

We intend to start work with children aged approximately 8 years, in the second year we will work with 5-8 year-old children, and in the third year, 4-8.

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